Natrual Voice Text to Speech Reader Standard

Natrual Voice Text to Speech Reader Standard 3.6

Listen to your written text, choose the voice, Enjoy!
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This Natural Voice Text to Speech Reader Standard, will convert any written text into speech. This free version of NaturalReader enables you to experience listening to any text on your PC, its provides you more complete functions with more human sounding voices. This is an amazing software, you can use any application available such as Web browser, Outlook , PDF. Files, Emails, Office, etc. This program will help handicap persons and of course, this program will help also students who are learning English. You can choose between female or male voices, graduate the speed, you can select the sentence, phrase and stop wherever you feel like. This file will be converted into a MP3 file. There is available a free version but if you want to upgrade an choose through three different versions : Personal version, (included 2 voices), Proffessional version (included 4 voices) and Developer version (included 8 voices).Obviously, these different versions has different costs!. We invited you to listen and see the demo programs into de main site. You also can play with some sentences or words so you can be able to listen different voices, work with the speed and applications listen to your own written text. It is amazing, we are getting close every day for new technology!, Let´s Play!

Elsa Flores Ahedo
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  • Amazing program
  • It has free version
  • Works with the most important applications!
  • Not expensive at all!


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